Rishav Kumar

A Master's student in Computer Science at Arizona State University 🎓 and Senior Software Engineer at Visa 💳

Let's connect! Reach out at hello@rishavkumar.io or check out my Resume.

Rishav Kumar

Work Experience 🛠️

Systems Engineer Intern '22 and '23


At Visa in Austin, TX, I designed and built a Synthetic Monitoring System to validate metrics flow, featuring an admin UI dashboard and metrics exposure via HTTP. I further contributed by developing a high-throughput system for data streaming and anomaly detection, and crafted tools to enable non-technical dashboard editing with a dynamic JSON editor project. These internships honed my skills in NodeJS, PHP, Java, and database management.

Software Engineer

Arizona State University

At Arizona State University, I've played a key role in elevating the campus's tech infrastructure by developing full-stack applications to streamline student management and advising processes. Leveraging React, Next.js, and SQL Server, I crafted intuitive solutions for internal staff, effectively bridging the gap between technology and user experience. My work ensures robust support and troubleshooting, significantly contributing to the technological empowerment of university operations.

Projects 🚀

Amazing Algorithms

Free web tools, tech guides, and extensive developer resources like code snippets, file extensions information, tech dictionary, etc. 30k+ monthly users

Hosting Checker

Fastest tool to check a website's hosting provider, server location, IP address, and other details. 45k+ monthly users


Easy-to-use and extremely simple command-line tools documentation for developers, engineers and students.

Note This Down

Secure platform for creating and sharing self-destructive notes.


Simplifies printing test pages from your browser. 5k+ monthly users